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Professor Charles McCollum

Professor Charles McCollum

Professor of Surgery


Head of the Academic Surgery Unit

Principle investigator in the following studies:

Founding chairman of the Vascular Governance North West ProgrammeChairman of the Steering Committee for a North West College of Academic Surgeons


Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland
British Medical Association
European Society for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
International College of Angiology
International Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
Surgical Infection Society (Charter Member)
Surgical Research Society of Great Britain  & Ireland
Vascular Surgical Society of Great Britain & Ireland
Member of UK National Screening Committee, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Member, vCJD Committee on Blood Transfusion
Member, Working Party on alternatives to blood transfusion for the National Blood Service


Professor McCollum’s research is in arterial and venous disease. He leads a research team of fellows, scientists and technicians, and his collaborations are with various disciplines including particularly epidemiology, neuro-imaging, mental health and stroke medicine. Research teams are assembled to investigate the role of cerebral emboli in dementia, migraine and dialysis-related brain injury.
Special research interests include:

Arterial Disease

Venous disease Other


Professor.Anthony Heagerty, Professor of Medicine and Head of Cardiovascular Sciences Research Group, University of Manchester
Dr.Simon Ray, Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director, Cardiology Department, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester
Dr.Brendan Davies, Consultant Neurologist, North Staffordshire Neurosciences Centre, Stoke on Trent
Dr.Charles Sherrington, Consultant Neurologist, Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre, Hope Hospital, Manchester
Professor. Gary Macfarlane, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
Dr.William Newman, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Clinical Genetist, University of Manchester
Mrs.Julie Morris, Head of Medical Statistics, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester
Dr.Paul Rolan, Professor of Pharmacology and Honorary Consultant Physician Headache Clinic, University of Adelaide, Australia
Prof Alistair Burns (Professor of Psychiatry)
Dr Sandip Mitra (Nephrologist Manchester Royal Infirmary)
Dr Nitin Purandare (Department of Psychiatry)
Prof Alan Jackson (Neuroradiology)
Dr Ismail Mohammed (Nephrology)
Dr Caroline Schiach, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Andrew Mortimer, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Oliver Hill, Consultant Anaesthestist
Mr Kay, Wrightington Hospital
Mr Kurdy, Department of Orthopaedics
Mr Walter, Emergency Medicine
Dr Dias and his team in the School of MaterialsKey Words

Methodological Knowledge

Complex vascular surgery
Multi-centre clinical trials
Population studies (cardiovascular epidemiology)
Autologous blood transfusion strategies
Investigation of cerebral perfusion


I have been involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate education, having been trained in presentation skills, delivering lectures, and on interactive video link teaching including remote television teaching, my role is now that of a trainer. 

My commitment to undergraduate teaching remains a priority and includes one-to-one teaching in the outpatients, team teaching on the wards and formal lectures to undergraduates and postgraduates.  We strive to ensure that our trainees become fully involved in all aspects of our clinical practice, audit and research.  In vascular surgery we have regular clinical meetings and a postgraduate x-ray meeting with the vascular radiologists and trainees in both surgery and radiology.  The academic surgeons of the future need careful support in their approach to surgical training.  They need to be identified and introduced to research method at an early stage and to this end, I supervise higher degree research for surgeons, cardiologists and scientists:

I am now founding the North West College of Academic Surgery to offer the opportunity of a career in academic surgery to high flying undergraduates and to rejuvenate academic surgery in the North West.  I am joined in this venture by all the remaining surgical academics in Manchester and by approaching a dozen NHS colleagues who have demonstrated excellence in research or surgical education.  Members of this working party can boast a research grant income of £11.4 million since 2000.


Professor McCollum was appointed Professor of Surgery and Head of the Department of Surgery in the University of Manchester in 1989 and is an Honorary Consultant Surgeon at South Manchester University Hospital. The Academic Surgery Unit includes the Breast Unit which was developed to achieve an International reputation for research in surgical oncology now directed by Professor Nigel Bundred. Professor McCollum was previously trained in Birmingham and Leeds before being appointed Lecturer to Sir Geoffrey Slaney in Birmingham in 1978. He moved to London in 1983 as Senior Lecturer and subsequently Reader in Surgery in the University of London and Honorary Consultant Surgeon to Charing Cross Hospital. He is a Vascular Surgeon with a tertiary referral practice in carotid artery disease, cerebral perfusion, complex aneurysm surgery, including thoraco-abdominal aneurysm and in complex venous disease.

His initial research was on the role of intravascular emboli on the causation of pulmonary damage (shock lung) in surgical shock. He gained an international reputation for developing an Indium-labelled platelet technique for measuring thrombus growth in arterial disease and vascular prostheses leading to research contracts evaluating novel platelet inhibitory drugs. This early research led to the Moynihan Prize at the Association of Surgeons (UK), two Patey Prizes at the Surgical Research Society of Great Britain and the Hunterian Professorship at the Royal College of Surgeons of in 1985. His recent focus was to establish a cardiovascular epidemiology group in close collaboration with the Department of Public Health and Epidemiology in Manchester. It was research on paradoxical embolism as a cause of stroke in young adults that led to the hypothesis that multiple asymptomatic paradoxical micro-emboli over many years may be the cause of dementia. This led to a collaboration with Old Age Psychiatry leading to substantial funding from the Wellcome Trust and Alzheimer’s Society for research on cerebral emboli as a cause of dementia. Teams are now been assembled to explore the role of cerebral emboli in migraine and dialysis related cerebral injury.

Professor McCollum and his team continue to investigate which patients are at risk of venous insufficiency and venous ulceration.  This includes a retrospective cohort study comparing the frequency of venous insufficiency in patients undergoing hip and arm surgery and a study to investigate the frequency of DVT following sprain and conservatively managed ankle fracture.  He is also looking at a novel technique using ultrasound contrast to measure calf vein blood flow and measure the effects of standard compression stockings.  Professor McCollum is working to further develop a novel technology for the automated manufacture of bespoke compression hosiery.Professor McCollum has published over 380 papers including 264 on original research. Recent grant income includes project grant funding from the MRC, British Heart Foundation, Wellcome Trust, Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research Campaign in addition to grants from the manufactures of vascular grafts or devices, and the pharmaceutical industry. (Total £3.85 million since 2000).


MB, ChB (Birmingham) 1972
FRCS (London) 1976
FRCS (Edinburgh) 1976
MD (Birmingham)  1981
Certificate of Higher Surgical Training  1981

Selected Publications


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