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UHSM Healthcare Education (Professor Ged Byrne)

2009/10 has been a beacon year for healthcare education within UHSM FT. In January, the UHSM Academy was launched at a ceremony held within the concorde hangar at Manchester airport. A five year business plan for the Academy was approved by the UHSM Board on 25 October 2010 with 8 key strategic objectives :

  1. The Academy as a Unique Entity
  2. Education Governance
  3. Multi-Professional Education
  4. Local, National and Global Influence
  5. Estates and Facilities
  6. Teacher Accreditation and Recognition
  7. Business Development
  8. Stakeholder satisfaction

Throughout its development, the Academy has relied on the generosity of MSRT’s support without which it would not have been possible. In addition to the major strategic developments, MSRT has supported attendance of 22 individuals to present scientific papers at 4 international educational conferences (AMEE, ASME, Ottawa and Heidelberg). It has provided project support for 5 PhD students. In February 2010, the Medical School’s Council subsumed the Universities Medical Assessment Partnership (founded, housed and led in the ERC and underpinned by MSRT) as the major part of the new Medical School’s Council Assessment Alliance. MSRT continues to have a role in this initiative.